This is our 32nd year!

  •   1986 Began Angus Breeding Stock!   
  •   Aberdeen Breeding began in 2002!
  •   Genetics for more pounds of
beef per acre = more dollars profit
  •   Cattle for sale by private treaty
  •   Visitors welcome by appointment
  •   Proven herd sires for every need!
  •   Sales in 33 states!

We're known for BULLS WITH BUTTS!
'Cross Creek Farms
909 Travelstead Rd
Adolphus, KY 42120

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'Cross Creek Farms
American Aberdeen and Moderator Breeding Stock
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Mission Statement

At 'Cross Creek Farms we're
about Connections...
To Aberdeen Cattle
To Nature and the Land,
To Each Other and to God.
Sired by Apex, Concord,
& Kryptonite!
Embryos ~ Bred Cows

'Cross Creek Farms
Beef Production History
13 Years Grass-fed Production
Aberdeen Plus & Moderator®
Over 90% Grade Choice
100% Yield Grade 1's & 2's
Our customers are satisfied!
"It's Really Good!"
We have American Aberdeen cattle,
truly a heritage breed, the smaller,
more fully packed cattle like my Grandfather
raised in the 1950's.
Our program includes Aberdeen Plus cattle
and Aberdeen Moderators, decending from
15 years of breeding our best registered
Angus cows matched with 17 years of
breeding quality fullblood Aberdeens.  
These cattle are the result of nine
generations of our selection.
We believe they will hold their own with
any cattle of their kind... anywhere.
Visit and see for yourself.
In our 30+ year history, virtually
every customer has been satisfied!
Our specialty is stacked genetics for high
marbling, grass finished beef.
Our graded carcass statistics excel!
We have cattle, semen and embryos for sale.
We will assist you in any way we can.
We especially like to assist newcomers
to raising cattle get off to a good start!
Nutrition is key. We aim to improve the soil
and the forage every year! We are working
towards maximum grazing days per year.
Selective breeding is a must. We select cattle
for function, fertility, phenotype, and
temperament, being most critical about depth
of rib, thickness over the top and down the
rump, correct feet and legs and good udders.
We use natural methods to serve us
and the cattle as much as possible.  
Most of our calves arrive in Sept-Oct.  
We practice optimal herd health, using
antibiotics for illness only when necessary.  
Our cattle are always managed in a
low stress environment.  
In today's difficult financial times, optimal
cattle size is crucial to lower input costs.
Don't confuse more pounds per head with
more dollars per acre.  They are not the same!
Our bulls and females will get there fast, and
produce more dollars per acre,
of great quality and great tasting,
heart healthy grass finished beef!  
The beef is excellent!
There is no down side to these cattle!
They are a pleasure to raise!
We produce heart healthy, grass finished
beef on a limited basis.

Ausmerica ~ Bred in Australia

We also offer US sales of
~ $20
Private Treaty Herd Reduction Sale ~ March to June 2019